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Refreshing Someone Really Down

Sometimes as an escort, you have to lift spirits of person who is really down in life. It is an uphill task, but we escorts are trained to handle this situation. Normally, we provide emotional support plus physical love to make that person feel good about him. My escort friends frequently encounter these men. But, you must be amazed that I didn’t get the opportunity. I usually get calls for parties and late evening outs. One day, I got a call from such a man. My client was middle aged guy and was really depressed. He arrived in my apartment on time. Usually men smile and have a twinkle in their eyes when they enter my apartment. But, this guy was quite different. He was really serious or we can say lost would be the better word to describe him. I made him comfortable as he entered my apartment. The guy told me that his beloved wife had cancer and was on last stage of her life. She was sick for more than a year and he had come to me to get some break from tiresome hospital schedule. He told me that he decided to visit an escort to get some refreshment. I felt pity on hearing this story and gave him a warm kiss on lips to set up his mood. Then, I unzipped his pants and performed a wild lap dance on his organ. His organ rotated around all corners inside my vagina. I was glad that he smiled while I sat on his lap. While doing this, the guy took off my shirt, unhooked my bra and fondled my lovely tits. I love the way he fondled my nipples. It was quite tenderly he did it. Soon, he ejaculated inside me. After that, he was really excited and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. He lifted me up while kissing, and gently lay me down on bed. He came on top of me. Stroking my hair, the guy poured down sweet kisses all over my body. He started from lips, proceeded to my neck and then put his lips gently on my nipples. He kept on playing with them for a while. After that, he move down further and rolled his tongue all over my stomach. I got really excited when he kissed my flat stomach as well as bit my navel too. Last, our coupling session was ultimate. He made me sit on his lap with my face facing him and my legs wrap around his bottoms. He told me he was trying lotus position from KS. The guy then held me closer towards him ensuring that his penis go straight into my vagina while he kept on kissing my neck, my lips and my chest. I was feeling out of the world when he kissed and fucked me at the same time. He kept on doing this for at least half an hour till he ejaculated deep inside my body. I scratch his back in excitement. After that, we went to a deep sleep. When I woke up, the guy was preparing to go for Hospital. He thanked me in hurry before leaving my apartment. After one week, the guy told me that his wife had finally got relieved of her pain. He visited me again after one month and now both of us are seeing each other a lot just like a normal couple. Each time sex is great with him.